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I can help you. You can afford the help. No, there is no risk. If I don't believe I can help your business grow, I won't take the project. I will advise you to quit if I think it's hopeless.

What's it worth to improve your profits? 

"Thanks Chris! When we started I was nervous and skeptical as you know. The last two years nearly wiped me out. You said it would take a few months and a lot of work and I would see big results. Only 3 months and we're up 50%. I've been writing quotes all week! Thanks. Let's extend for another 3 months."
Les A.

Send me a note right now and tell me about your business:

"I need to delay our meeting we planned for the 12th. We're too busy! (I didn't think I'd ever get to say that again!) Let's meet at the end of the month if you can. I'll be ready for the next step. Thanks."

Shelly K.

There is no risk in calling me today: (530) 467-5690

We'll talk about improving your business. I'll ask questions and do a lot of research. All free.

Then I'll develop a plan.

I'll tell you what I can do, what you can expect to get in return and what your cost will be.

"You promised results and you delivered. I'm sorry I resisted at first! You were right and it worked. Thanks."
Jim H.

Chris Reich can improve your business

Chris Reich says, "Improving your business can be fun and inexpensive." (At Boeing, South Carolina)

Together, we can improve your business if you agree to these three principles:

Better: Your business could be doing  better.

Results: Small, inexpensive improvements aggregate to big results.

Fun: Work CAN be fun again.

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It is a lot more fun making money than losing it! See you next week,

Robert D."